Comp BioWare Featurebanner 18 Sep

Co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have both announced that they will be leaving the EA-owned development studio, just a day after formally announcing a third installment in the Dragon Age series. Both have made a personal post on the BioWare blog to explain why they are leaving the studio.

Muzyka indicates that he is leaving the gaming industry all-together in order to focus on coaching entrepreneurs and investing in projects that are designed to have a positive social impact. Zeschuk states that he is also leaving the industry, but does not rule out he will never return to it if his other ventures don’t pan out. For now, he will be working on a web-based interview series called “The Beer Diaries” where he will interview notable beer brewers and showcase their brews.

Muzyka and Zeschuk founded BioWare alongside Augstine Yip in 1995, and released their first title in 1996. Yip left a year later, and the company achieved mainstream success in 1998 with the original Baldur’s Gate. The company was acquired by EA in 2007, but remains a separate part of the organization until this day.