Misc AdamSessler Featurebanner 13 Nov

The former G4 Editor-in-Chief of Games Content, Adam Sessler, has made a post on the Revision3 blog to announce that he is teaming up with internet-TV broadcaster to reinforce the team of the gaming-themed Rev3Games channel. More information is included after the jump.

Sessler had been working for G4 and it’s predecessors for 14 years until he left the company earlier this year, and had been a co-host for XPlay since the program started in 1998 under the name of Gamespot TV. An official reason for this departure has never been given, though Sessler states in his recent blog post that he just felt it was time to move on. Adam Sessler has taken on the role of Executive Producer for Rev3Games, but it is currently not known what specific content or changes he will be bringing to the current format.