Misc NathanDrake Featurebanner 07 Nov

According to a report by Gamespot, the Australian classification board has issued a rating for a new title known asĀ Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. More details regarding the issued rating is included after the jump.

The game, which according to the rating has been developed by an unknown studio that goes by the name of One Loop Games, is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment. One Loop Games is headed by four former-Sony employees and currently lists two unannounced projects on its website.

Neither Sony or One Loop have commented on the rating certificate, or have ever confirmed that a new episode in the UnchartedĀ series is being developed. As such, we are currently classifying this as a rumor. The Australian ratings board has certified the game as a multi-platform title, but did not indicate for which platforms it will be made available, or when.