Ubisoft 14 Nov

Having already sold it’s license to the UFC  brand to EA, THQ could be in the market for selling off more of its assets – especially if their reported financial straits continue. If recent statements are any indication, if THQ were to put IP up for auction, Ubisoft could be a potential buyer.

“They have good things,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told GamesIndustry International. “We are always interested in good brands. For sure, it’s something we can consider, but I can’t tell you more.”

“What happened to [THQ] is something that happens regularly when we have transition,” Guillemot continued, “Some can make it, some decide to go in different direction. It happened with Atari and Midway and also Acclaim last generation. … It’s something that happens in this industry and that’s the way the industry consolidates.” As of now, THQ has many games in the development pipeline, including Homefront 2, Saints Row 4, and Company of Heroes 2, the latter of which is one of three games hit with major delays from the publisher.

(Via Gamespot)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly