xbox-360-slim-ps3-slim 12 Dec

Recent reports from SemiAccurate have uncovered that Microsoft’s and Sony’s internal code names for their respective consoles have changed. Originally, the Next Xbox; which is rumored to run on an AMD chip codenamed ‘Oban,’ and which is supposedly having some production issues; was initially codenamed Durango. The report claims that the internal codename for the hardward is now called Kryptos. The PS4, which is also rumored to be running on an AMD chip, is now codenamed Thebes.

The report rumored that Sony’s new AMD chip will likely be manufactured by IBM or Global Foundries, and will go into production after Microsoft’s ‘Oban.’ The site also suggested that the console will be heading towards a spring or autumn 2014 release. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have released comments on the report.

(Via VG247)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly