ThePhantomPain Featurebanner 09 Dec

Following the airing of a trailer for The Phantom Pain at the Video Game Award event this weekend, the internet has been rife with speculation as to what the actual game might be about. Kotaku has issued a report suggesting that the game may in fact be a fifth installment in the Metal Gear franchise. More details are included after the jump.

The report suggests that the studio that is working on the title, an unknown Swedish studio known as Moby Dick Studio, actually does not exist. In addition, users from NeoGAF have discovered that the logo for The Phantom Pain may be hiding the text “Metal Gear V.” An image showing this discovery is included below. Lending credibility to the story is the fact that a Moby Dick Studio representative was present at a Konami party after the event, with Konami being the publisher behind the Metal Gear franchise.

Konami has not made a statement on the matter, but the Moby Dick Studio website indicates the would-be company is currently developing a title for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.