Corp Crytek Featurebanner 28 Jan

According to a report by VG247, German developer Crytek has set up a new studio in Austin, Texas in the last week. The studio will be headed up by the founder of Vigil Games, David Adams. Alongside Adams, around 35 additional former-Vigil developers will reportedly be joining the ranks of the new Crytek US studio. More details are included after the jump.

Vigil Games, the developer behind the Darksiders franchise, was forced to lay off its entire development after no bids were placed on the studio during the recent auction of THQ-owned assets. In the same auction, Crytek purchased the IP to Homefront, to which the company is currently developing a sequelfor a total of $500,000.

When asked by Gamasutra whether the opening of a new studio was essentially a purchase of the Vigil Games development team, a Crytek representative responded that they see it more as a new start for the developers.

With Vigil Games still part of the THQ Chapter 11 proceedings, it is currently unclear what the future of the Darksiders franchise will be.