TekkenCardTournament 23 Jan

Namco Bandai has announced Tekken Card Tournament, a free-to-play game that will have both a physical and digital side. The video game will be available on smartphones, tablets and web browsers, and Namco has promised “amazing visuals on all devices” as well as cross-platform multiplayer.

Physical Tekken Card Tournament ‘Booster Pack’ cards will be sold at retail. Gamers can use these cards to play a physical card game, but also scan them using QR codes for use and upgrades in the video game version. Similar to PS Vita or 3DS tech, the game will include an Augmented Reality feature where you can point the camera at the physical cards from the booster packs and in-game characters will appear and fight atop the surface in focus.

Namco Bandai has stated the game will be released “soon”, and the physical cards will be sold in stores this Spring.

(via CVG)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts