ouya 05 Feb

Undoubtedly taking advantage of the last few months of news without competing console announcements (or weeks, if the rumors of a Playstation 4 reveal prove accurate), the folks behind the android-powered console Kickstater built have confirmed a June release from their open platform machine. OUYA has partnered up with Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Target to bring the fun-sized console to stores sometime this June, with an MSRP of $100 with an included controller, and separate controllers at $50/each. Pre-orders for the OUYA are live now.

“We want to support OUYA as best we can, both online and in physical retail, making sure there’s visibility for the product, to see content and demo the box.” described OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog.  Not a lot of unique titles have been confirmed for the platform, beyond a new version of Final Fantasy 3 with “a lot of exclusive features”, but Uhrman assures that players can “…expect games from every genre, from publishers you know, triple-A publishers.”