UplayLogo 20 Feb

Ubisoft will be adding titles from both Electronic Arts and Warner Brothers to it’s Uplay service, and has announced its own games will be published through EA’s Origin digital distribution platform.

Uplay director Stephanie Perotti told GamesIndustry International that the service currently has 50 million users, and “about 15 partners with about 25 to 30 titles that will be available at launch”. So far, Ubisoft has confirmed titles from 1C Company, Electronic Arts, Freebird Games, Iceberg Interactive, Nordic Games, Paradox Interactive, Recoil Games, Robot Entertainment, Telltale Games, Torn Banner Studios, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

“We are also talking to many more partners,” said Perotti, “we’re looking into adding more partners to the Uplay shop in the coming weeks and months. So we want to have a broad offer, and we also want to provide another place maybe for some of the indie developers or smaller publishers to get in touch with an audience and we have a pre-launch user base that we think can be also beneficial to these developers and publishers.”

(Source: GI International, via VG247)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts