Ouya 08 Mar

According to a blog post by OUYA’s Developer Relations Lead, Kellee Santiago, the OUYA store will be reset – as it is out of it’s testing period – making it so any game uploaded to the console from yesterday onward will be available when the console launches. Kickstarter backers of the console will be getting the OUYA shipped to them on March 28th, and then it will be available to “anyone and everyone who wants to get OUYA” in June.

The post also states that developers who publish their games before March 28th, and then their title is one of the top three played in the consoles first six weeks, will be featured in a documentary by OUYA. “We will rely heavily on these documentaries to tell people about OUYA, and we’ll share them far and wide as part of our launch marketing marketing in June leading up to the holidays — everyone will know your name, your game and where to play it.”

(Via Polygon)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts