RaphKoster 03 Apr

Game Designer Raph Koster announced on his personal website today that he is “Moving on” from social game developer Playdom and Disney Interactive.

Koster stated that although he does not have another job lined up, he will be consulting, speaking and writing. But not, by his own admission, any crowdfunding.

“No, I am not doing a Kickstarter” Koster wrote in his announcement, in part. “I get asked about it about once a week. I suspect that those of you who want this all want me to make a worldy MMO. I may yet make one of those in the future, but I don’t think that you can raise enough money on Kickstarter to do it justice. Most likely, I will simply start making games. Lots and lots of games. Fun ones. About all sorts of things. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to explore ideas. It is a crazy exciting time in the industry right now, and I came away from GDC inspired.”

Koster was the lead designer on Ultima Online at Origin, and creative director for Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies until he departed in 2006. Koster then founded Metaplace, a online social games developer which was acquired by Playdom in 2010 (which was soon acquired by Disney Interactive).

(via Polygon)