Xbox360 25 May

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has confirmed that the Xbox 360 did not infringe on any Motorola Patents, ending the protracted legal battle in favor of Microsoft, Reuters has reported.

The battle began in December 2010 with Motorola filing an official complaint, which claimed the Xbox 360 violated federal tariff laws by infringing on five of Motorola’s patents related to H.264 video encoding and wireless communication standards. In April 2012, an ITC administrative law judge issued a preliminary ruling stating that the Xbox 360 had indeed infringed on four of the five Motorola patents.

Both Microsoft and Motorola filed motions to terminate various patent claims during the investigation, and the ITC decided that the patent claims were all invalid apart from U.S. patent No. 6,069,896, which covers peer-to-peer wireless networks. In March this year an ITC judge ruled that the Xbox 360 did not infringe on the patent, and just yesterday decided no to review the decision consequently confirming the decision as final for the case.

(via Polygon)