FrancoisBoivin 10 May

According to a Twitter message from Patrice Désilets (who also recently split from Ubisoft), Jean-Francois Boivin who was a producer and co-worker of Désilets at THQ Montreal, has been fired by Ubisoft.

“Thinking of my good friend and producer @JFBoivin who also got fired yesterday.” The Twitter message reads. “I’m sharing your support with him…”

Boivin worked at Ubisoft from 2005 to 2010 before leaving to join THQ Montreal alongside Patrice Désilets. Ubisoft acquired THQ Montreal during the ex-publisher’s bankruptcy auction in January. Yesterday Ubisoft confirmed that Désilets had departed the company after “good faith discussions.” Patrice told Polygon however that leaving “was not my decision”, and after being handed a termination notice he was “unceremoniously escorted out of the building…”

(via Polygon)