ShadowWarriorTeaser 14 May

Flying Wild Hog, developer of Hard Reset, is rebooting the 90s FPS franchise, Shadow Warrior. The developer revealed the project with a post on its Facebook page, calling it “a total reimagining of Shadow Warrior”. Devolver Digital is set to be the publisher.

A website for the game has also appeared with a teaser image, but no other details have been revealed by the developer or its publisher just yet.

Shadow Warrior was a first person shooter released in 1997 by 3D Realms, and published by GT Interactive. The game was heavily criticized on launch for racial stereotyping Asian people, although 3D Realms responded to the criticism by stating they deliberately used Asian stereotypes which parodied “bad kung-fu movies” so they could create a “fun game”. In December last year the game was ported to iOS.

(via Joystiq)