LulLogo 17 May

Four members of the hacking group Lulzsec have been given the UK’s longest ever jail sentences for hacking. According to the BBC, one member was sentenced to 32 months, which the Guardian¬†emphasizes is the longest ever jail sentence for hacking. Another member received 30 months, and Lulsec’s main publicist has been sentenced to 24 months in a young offendor institution. Lulzsec’s youngest member, aged 18, was given a 20 month suspended sentence with 300 hours of community service.

In addition to these sentences however, the four members could be extradited to the U.S. to face further charges. Lulzsec was responsible for hacking organizations including the CIA and FBI, along with EA, Nintendo and Sony. Their calling card was that they were doing it “for the lulz”, rather than any political beliefs.

An Australian member of Lulzsec was arrested in April, and a U.S. Man who is said to be one of Lulzsec’s leaders, worked with the FBI to identify the others and is yet to be charged.

(via VG247)