E3Expo2013 14 Jun

Hideo Kojima Confirms ‘Metal Gear Online’

“Yes, we plan on creating Metal Gear Online,” Hideo Kojima told CVG. “Multiplayer right now is being created at our LA studio as well as us. We’re working closely to create a vast multiplayer for all the fans.” Kojima did not say how exactly this Metal Gear Online would be served up, but the first Metal Gear Online came in ‘Starter Pack’ forms bundled with versions of Metal Gear Solid 4.


‘Fez 2’ Teaser Trailer Released

During the Horizon Indie game press conference, Polytron confirmed Fez 2. No details were released for the game, but the developer has since posted a teaser trailer with the description confirming the game is being created by Polytron and Disasterpeace and claims the game is “coming to ???? in ????”.


New ‘Battlefront’ Is DICE’s Interpretation Of What Series Should Be, Danger Close No More

In an interview with Eurogamer EA Games Label boss, Patrick Söderlund, said that the Star Wars: Battlefront game announced at EA’s E3 2013 press conference is, “DICE’s interpretation of what Battlefront should be”. He also noted, “there are absolutely things in the previous Battlefront games that you’ll recognize and remember, but DICE wants to put its own flavour on it.”

Söderlund also told Eurogamer that Medal of Honor: Warfighter developer Danger Close is no more, following the retirement of the franchise. “Danger Close as it was doesn’t exist anymore,” Söderlund said, in part. “There are people who left LA, people who work with DICE LA, and there are some who work in other parts of EA, as always when something gets dismantled.”


‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ Ocelot Actor Confirmed

Hideo Kojima has posted a Twitter message along with a picture featuring himself and the actor for Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 5, Troy Baker.


Double Fine Producing 2 New Games Through Indie Fund Partnership

During the Horizon Indie Game Conference at E3, Greg Rice from Double Fine and Kellee Santiago from Indie Fund announced a new partnership which will have Double Fine producing two new games.


PlayStation 4 UI Demonstrated In New Video

A new video released by Sony showcases parts of the PlayStation 4’s user interface. The video features the online store, text messaging, and video sharing from the controller’s dedicated button.


That’s all from E3 this year folks!  Stay tuned to the site and our corresponding YouTube for videos taken during the show.