NoGoblinLogo 16 Jul

Dan Teasdale, former game designer at Harmonix and Twisted Pixel, has founded a new indie studio called “No Goblin“. The new studio was announced in a press release today and states it “aims to become the leading developer of original mechanic-driven video games.”

“Our goal at No Goblin is pretty clear: we’re going to continue the legacy of those before us in making truly original games that put replayable gameplay first,” Teasdale wrote on the studio’s website, in part. “Our themes and settings aren’t tired fantasy goblin slaying or sci-fi laser technobabbling, there’s no free to play trickery, and there’s definitely no half-hour ‘interactive cinematics’. We make games because we love games, and we hope that you’ll love our games too.”

Dan Teasdale and “co-founding artist and designer hybrid Panzer”, are planning to release theirĀ debut title “in the first half of 2014 on PC and PlayStation 4.” While No Goblin is not sharing any other details about the game just yet, the studio says there are “no goblins or guns in it.”

(via Gamasutra)