TethysRender 17 Jul

SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley has announced on Twitter that he has left Maxis to form a new indie studio called Jellygrade. Simcity‘s simulation architect Andrew Willmott, and lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz are both joining Quigley at Jellygrade.

“Big news – I’m starting a new studio with @andrewwillmott & @moskow23 to make simulation games. We’re calling it @jellygrade.” Quigley posted on Twitter. “After 17 years (SimCity 3k, SimCity 4, SimCity, also a little work on the Saturn version of 2k) it was time for something new”, he added in a later post.

“We’re making a simulation about the dawn of life on earth; about lava, water, rock and the emergence of the first primordial creatures”, Quigley wrote about the studio’s first game. He also said its working title is ‘Tethys‘ “but it’ll probably change.” The studio is starting with tablet games but are “hoping to be on PC in time.”

The Jellygrade website currently has some concept renders and Quigley has teased more info in “maybe a month or two.”

(via CVG)