GOGIndie 20 Aug

Good Old Games has launched a new indie-friendly submission process in an attempt to get more independent developers featured on the service.

Developers can submit their game via a new page on the GOG website, and it will then be looked at by staff who are “always ready to openly discuss your game.”

“We’ll tell you exactly what we think about your title,” GOG says, in part. “We know our user’s tastes, and we do our best to present them with a selection of DRM-free games they’ll enjoy. We review all submissions and pick those that offer the qualities our users value most, such as gameplay depth, originality, and a high level of polish.”

GOG pledges to write back to developers, whether the game is accepted or not within two weeks: “We will never leave you without feedback!”

GOG is also guaranteeing a social media campaign, a featured spot on the service’s home page and an advance on royalties. “This way you get some extra budget to put the final polish on your game and feel more confident about us as your business partner,” GOG says.

The only catch is that GOG will take 40% of the money made until the advance is recouped. After that they will go back to a 70/30 developer/distributor split.

(PCGamesN, via VG247)