Prey2CG 16 Aug

Citing leaked internal emails from Arkane Studios’ creative director Raphael Colantonio, Kotaku reports that the Dishonored developer’s Austin branch has begun pre-production on a reboot of Prey 2.

“Austin has officially been green lit for its own project,” one email reads, in part. “Doing a new IP was not a possibility because it’s adding risk to the challenge of growth, so after going back and fourth with Todd, Harvey, Ricardo, we decided that Prey 2 presented an interesting opportunity if we could reboot it. Zenimax accepted our pitch which was ‘the spiritual successor to System Shock 3’.”

The report also says this project is completely unrelated to the troubled efforts at Human Head Studios of developing Prey 2. A Kotaku source also claimed that Arkane does not plan on using anything Human Head has already created, making this a fresh start.

(via Joystiq)