Comp Microsoft 25 Aug

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced earlier this week that he is planning to retire from the tech-giant at some point in the next twelve months, after his successor has been appointed. Ballmer announced his news in an internal email that was published on the Microsoft website.

The message, which is addressed to the entire Microsoft staff, reveals that Ballmer originally intended to step down at a later point in time but believes the company will need the new CEO to be part of the upcoming transition to a “Devices and Services” company from the very start. According to a press release on the matter, the transition process is being overseen by a special committee that has been appointed by the Microsoft board of the directors. This committee includes Microsoft-founder Bill Gates, amongst others. Both internal and external candidates are being considered for the position, though no additional information was released regarding possible candidates.

Ballmer joined Microsoft in June 1980, and has been with the company ever since. He became the CEO of the company in January 2000, and has revealed no information on what he plans to do after his retirement from Microsoft.