HotlineMiami2WrongNumber 06 Sep

The Hotline Miami 2 preview build recently sparked controversy due to the inclusion of a sexual assault scene. This has since been removed from the demo. According to co-creator Dennis Wedin however, the context is lost when isolated from the full game and it could still be included in the final build.

“We removed it from the demo,” Wedin said to Rock Paper Shotgun, in part. “We’re going to work with it, see if we can fix it. You get a bigger picture when you play the whole game, which is lost in the demo of course.”

“We’re gonna see how people react to it when we test the whole game. We’ll get opinions and stuff like that. We’ll see how we can present this in a good way. In a way that we want it to come across. Not just as provocative. That’s not our meaning at all.”

In PC Gamer’s preview of the game, they said in this scene the main character drops his trousers, and a director comes on screen to yell “cut.” He then says: “Pig Man, well done, but don’t be afraid to be rougher. And you there, blondie – you need to work on your femininity. Act more helpless and scared. You know, more girly.”

(via CVG)