AlasMortis 16 Oct

Justin Ross has left development of Faceless, a Half-Life 2 mod based on the Slender Man mythology, to work on an original project as Fiddlehead Games. Faceless was held up on Steam Greenlight due to legal complications with the Slender Man IP in November last year. It was successfully green-lit in April.

Fiddlehead Games’ Alas Mortis is a multiplayer horror game. It has two teams, one with 9 players as everyday citizens trying to survive on a variety of maps. The other team has just one player who will play as a bat-like demonoid who must hunt down the other players within the time limit using his special abilities and weapons. “The demon is more-so a humanoid-bat creature and will have the ability to fly around said maps,” the IndieDB description reads, in part. “The human players have no weapons, and must hide to survive. Think of it as a horrific, gruesome, terrifying game of hide & seek.”

“I’m drawn to the horror genre because I like being scared mainly, and I love the adrenaline that rushes through you while playing something like Amnesia or Outlast,” Ross said to Joystiq. “I want to replicate that feeling in Alas Mortis, and it’s why Fiddlehead is solely horror. Horror games are my favorite genre and something I enjoy more than any other game. I enjoy writing scary narratives and making people feel uncomfortable, and filling them with a sense of dread.”