AliensColonialMarines 22 Oct

The next video game set in the Aliens universe will star Amanda Ripley, daughter of series protagonist Ellen Ripley, Kotaku reports.

The game is called Alien: Isolation and it will arrive on both current and next-gen consoles next year, according to an anonymous Kotaku source. The British studio Creative Assembly is developing the first-person shooter, and it is said to be inspired by the likes of Dishonored and BioShock.

The source also noted that Sega took the negative reception to Aliens: Colonial Marines very seriously and has already taken steps to ensure Isolation is a better game, including delaying the title. Sega was reportedly planning to announce the game at E3 2013. Aliens: Isolation is said to be inspired by the original 1979 film Alien, and will feature Amanda Ripley facing clones, soldiers and a single alien on a space station.

(via Polygon)