TinyChef 23 Oct

Mobile developer TinyCo has laid off 27 employees this week, TechCrunch reports. According to an anonymous source, employees have been laid off in both San Francisco and Argentina.

“We’ve moved 10 steps forward on executing a specific strategy around how we build games and what games we build. To execute against this strategy, we decided to consolidate game development out of our SF office and reduce our staff,” CEO Suleman Ali said in a statement. “Laying people off sucks, especially since TinyCo has always been a breeding ground for great friendships. We’ll provide more updates, including a game launch, in the near future.”

TinyCo was an early developer in the mobile games market, that made casual simulation games on iOS and Android. Some of it’s games, including Tiny Chef and Tiny Monsters, were among the top-grossing apps in the US in 2011.

(via Develop)