MohawkGames 06 Nov

Soren Johnson, lead designer on Sid Meier’s Civilization 4, has formed a new indie studio called Mohawk Games.

Johnson will serve as CEO of the studio, and Stardock president and CEO Brad Wardell will serve as president. “Mohawk puts gameplay first,” Johnson said, in part. “Our goal is to make games that will be played for years, based on elegant, replayable systems that are not limited by finite content creation. Our development process emphasizes rapid iteration above all else, requiring our games to be playable as soon as possible so that we have time to find the fun.”

“We are living in the age of the independent game studio – never before have the development tools been so powerful, the distribution channels so accessible, and open development so valuable.” Johnson wrote on the studio’s official blog, in part. “I am beyond excited to finally create a game of my own, and I hope that you will follow us as we stop dangling our legs and jump.”

(via Polygon)