RenegadeMachineLogo 13 Nov

Recently launched indie publisher Rebel Machine has been force to change it’s name to Renegade Machine following “a little legal strong-arming”. Evolve PR founder Tom Ohle and Interceptor Entertainment executive producer Khaled Imrahimi launched Rebel Machine in October.

“As ever, our goal remains to help independent developers break through the noise and achieve long-term success through promotion, distribution production/development support and business consulting,” a post on the company’s blog says, in part. “This surprising turn of events is a good reminder that indies are constantly going to be up against the juggernauts who have more money and power. We’re constantly going to be told, “you can’t do that,” or, “fall into line or we will crush you under the mighty might of our mighty boot!” We need to be scrappy. We have to fight back. We have to prove them all wrong. And we will.”

(via Develop)