PlanetaryAnnihilation 17 Dec

Publisher Nordic Games will partner with Uber Entertainment to bring Planetary Annihilation to retail, according to a press release.

“Nordic Games and Uber Entertainment were going to announce one of those taxi startups, but sending suited Scandinavians around the world to deliver new games turned out to be WAY too expensive,” the press release reads, in part. “Who knew! Instead, the two gaming giants are announcing an exciting partnership to bring the retail version of Planetary Annihilation to market, as well as a non-exclusive partnership to handle the online release.”

During THQ’s auction earlier this year, Nordic Games acquired several properties including Darksiders, Titan Quest, Red Faction and MX vs ATV. It also purchased the rights to Double Fine’s Costume Quest and Stacking, however those rights are now back with Double Fine and the two companies have a deal which will see retail versions of Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking in North America and Europe in 2014.

(via Joystiq)