TrainSimulator2014 11 Dec

Train Simulator publisher has changed its name to Dovetail Games, as part of a plan to expand its portfolio beyond its train simulation titles.

“Whilst we’re not yet in a position to announce our next project, what we can tell you is that our teams here have been exploring a number of options over the past few months and we have a clear vision of the direction in which we’re looking to take our expansion,” CEO Paul Jackson said to GI International, in part. “We plan to stay within the simulation space, as this is where both our interests and experience as a business lie. We are strong supporters of ‘digital hobbies’; we like producing products which are enjoyed by a passionate consumer base, and can be customised to each player’s individual interests. Therefore, continuing along this path, but expanding into new areas of simulation seemed like the perfect starting point from which to grow the business.”

Rob O’Farrell has also joined the company, using his industry experience which includes nearly 14 years at EA working on titles such as Burnout Legends and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. “Rob has an incredible amount of experience in building successful development teams and delivering high quality entertainment experiences, and he will report into our outstanding CTO, Tim Gatland,” Jackson added.

(via GI International)