StarWarsCWAdventures 24 Jan

Sony Online Entertainment has announced today that it will be shutting down four of its online games. Free Realms and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures will be taken offline on March 31st, while Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and Wizardry OnlineĀ be will shut down on July 31st.

“At Sony Online Entertainment, we are always evaluating our portfolio to ensure we’re providing players with the best gameplay experiences,” a SOE representative said. “At times, as part of this commitment, we have to make the difficult decision to sunset a game so we can refocus our resources on other areas in the best interest of our company and player community.”

The company explained that Free Realms and Star Wars were being closed due to their audiences moving on to other games. For Vanguard, SOE said that there were increasing technical challenges involved with updating an older title, and the player base no longer justifies the resources required. Wizardry Online is being closed due to a mutual agreement between SOE and licensing partner Gamepot to end their arrangement.

(via GI International)