SinisterDexter 27 Feb

Former PopCap Games manager Avery Alix, along with Eric Olsen and Christopher Langmuir have announced they are forming a new mobile studio called Fixer Studios. The studio will be employing “a constantly fluctuating workforce of veteran volunteers,” a model inspired by the indie game-jam spirit.

“With this model, developers are able to share new perspectives and ideas for the betterment of the project. Unlike most businesses, Fixer Studios is project-driven instead of profit-driven. The studio’s mission is to develop and launch top-rated mobile titles that both intrigue and inspire the team. Being self-funded and working within a bootstrap model, the team is able to experiment freely with less overall risk than traditional developer structure.”

Fixer Studios’ first project, Sinister Dexter, is set to launch on Android and iOS later this spring. The studio says the game will be a “spiritual successor” to Dr. Richard Bartle’s pen-and-paper game Spellbinder. Bartle will also be an advisor for the project.

(via GI International)