RodeoGamesWarhammerQuest 11 Feb

Rodeo Games has acquired an Unreal Engine 4 license, making it the first indie mobile studio to do so.

“Rodeo Games is already a very impressive player within the dynamic mobile sector,” Epic European territory manager Mike Gamble said, in part. “We’re working closely with them to help them achieve their objectives in the months ahead. As Rodeo will demonstrate, UE4 has so much to offer indie developers, and we look forward to helping many more teams compete in the marketplace.”

Rodeo Games was founded in 2010 and is the developer of Warhammer Quest, Hunters and Hunters 2. The studio will be using the Unreal Engine for its new turn-based strategy game.

“We’ve made it our mission to raise the bar on what players can expect to see in mobile visuals and gameplay,” added co-founder of Rodeo Games, Laurent Maguire. “In short, we want to set a new standard, and working with Unreal Engine 4 we can achieve that more efficiently and with greater impact.”

(via GI International)