TheDivision 07 Feb

Ubisoft announced today that its UK-based studio Ubisoft Reflections is joining Ubisoft Massive to develop The Division. Reflections managing director Pauline Jacquey has told Develop that this does not mean that the game is in any trouble.

“That’s absolutely not the case,” Jacquey said, in part. “This is part of a global model that Ubisoft has been deploying in the past seven or eight years.”

“It’s also classic team size management. You don’t want your team to be too big when you’re in the initial phase of conception, when you need a lot of agility,” she added. “But when you’re in full production–and given that the game’s scope is gigantic–it needs a big team behind it.”

Jacquey also said that the partnership did not come as part of instructions from Ubisoft, but Massive and Reflections’ desire to work together.

Ubisoft Reflections developed Driver: San Francisco in 2011, and has contributed to several Ubisoft titles including Just Dance, Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs and The Crew.

(via Gamespot)