CallofDutyStrikeTeam 29 Mar

Activision’s U.K.-based mobile studio, The Blast Furnace, will be closed by the end of the month, Activision has confirmed to MCV.

Activision revealed in January that it was “exploring options” for the studio, including a possible sale.

“Having explored a range of options, including a potential sale of the business, and consulted with the staff about the options, we have not been able to find a suitable alternative for the talented team in the timescales set by the consultation exercise and have agreed to close The Blast Furnace,” an Activision spokesperson said, in part. “Although we have reached the end of the main consultation exercise we shall continue to work with the leadership team to explore options for these highly skilled individuals within Activision and its related organisations.”

“Additionally, we will be offering a number of tools and resources, including outplacement counselling services, to those who are impacted.”

The company also told MCV that it is seeking new homes for some of the employees. “We would like to note that The Blast Furnace has been a great partner to Activision and we thank them for all of their efforts.”

The Blast Furnace was founded in November 2011 as Activision Leeds and was renamed The Blast Furnace in August 2012. The studio developed the mobile version of Pitfall! and also the mobile title Call of Duty: Strike Team.

(via Polygon)