3DRealmsLogo 04 Mar

Interceptor Entertainment CEO Frederik Schreiber confirmed on Twitter that the studio has acquired 3D Realms.

This follows the news from last week that Gearbox Software will sue Interceptor and 3D Realms for trying to “illegally exploit Gearbox’s intellectual property rights in the Duke Nukem video game franchise.”

Gearbox’s complaint came after a teaser website appeared online indicating that Interceptor and 3D Realms planned to announce a title called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, a top-down RPG for PC and PlayStation. It is unclear how the acquisition may affect the lawsuit.

“3D Realms has always been a defining part [of] the PC games industry,” said Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber, in a press release, in part. “Getting 3D Realms under our wings is a huge step for us and we are extremely excited about the acquisition.”

“My longtime partner George Broussard and I are extremely proud of our past, especially as developers who always tried to partner with up-and-coming studios who just needed their break,” added 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller. “Our history shows we did that throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and I expect the new 3D Realms to continue with this tradition in full force. Our industry needs more good guys, who honor the profession and fellow hard-working developers.”

(via CVG)