MoltenLogo 04 Apr

Molten Games, a studio founded by former Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzard veterans in July 2013, has lost its funding forcing it to lay off its entire staff, Gamasutra reports.

The news originated from an anonymous source, however Gamasutra has since found further evidence including a Twitter post from the studio’s former director of technology, a blog post from a former art director, and a thread on Polycount where two posters have confirmed the studios layoffs.

There is also a post on the International Game Developers Association Facebook page saying: “We’re getting word from contacts at Molten Games that the studio has lost its funding and laid off its employees. They are currently seeking funding to continue development. Let’s be proactive and help our fellow developers land on their feet.”

Molten Games was backed by a “multi-million investment” from NCsoft, however it remains unclear whether the company played any part in the alleged loss of funding and whether or not the studio has closed its doors for good.

Molten Games was formed by Paul Della Bitta (Blizzard), Blaine Smith (SOE) and Jungwon Hahn (Blizzard Korea) last year.

“We remember the games and the dev studios back in the day,” Della Bitta said at the time. “We played a lot of Valve and Blizzard games before I worked there. These were studios that were made up of gamers just making great games they enjoyed playing. And we’re trying to follow in those footsteps.”

(via GI International)