NuclearDivisionlogo 29 Apr

Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has teamed up with former head of slot machine maker WBS Larry Pacey to form a mobile game studio called Nuclear Division.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Zampella said that the mobile gaming business was growing so fast, it’s “silly to ignore.” The studio will be based in San Fernando Valley in LA, near the Respawn Entertainment headquarters. Zampella will keep his job at Respawn, as his role at Nuclear Division will be more of an advisory position.

Nuclear Division is working on technology for a new platform, as well as games to take advantage of it, but won’t give details just yet. The studio currently has less than 12 employees, but plans to expand to 50.

“If you look at where we came from, developing games with small teams, this is the way to get back to that,” Zampella said. “You can get back to the core of what matters to you and the values of what makes a game great.”

He also said that it is unlikely he will switch to mobile games development, but he would apply what he learns at Nuclear Division back to Respawn. “I think that would help future-proof both companies.”

(via VG247)