StarCitizenhornet0911 18 Jun

In an interview with VentureBeat, Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, revealed that the crowd-funded game Star Citizen now has five studios working on it, encompassing 268 people.

“I think at last count [our headcount] was 268, between contractors and in-house,” Roberts said, in part. “We have three internal studios – one here in Los Angeles, one in Austin and one in Manchester.”

“The Manchester one my brother heads up. It was formed from the core nucleus of his team at Traveller’s Tales. Then were working with two external studios, one in Montreal and one in Colorado. Between the five studios, we’re all spearheading the different elements of the game.”

According to Roberts, the modular nature of the game allows each studio to focus development of different aspects. “It all gets integrated together, but that allows a smaller team to work on an aspect and not get overwhelmed by such an ambitious game,” he said.

Star Citizen was first launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and raised over $2 million. Cloud Imperium Games continued the crowd funding through its own website, and it has since raised over $46 million.

(via Develop)