Darksiders2_10 09 Aug

A group of ex-Vigil Games developers have left Crytek USA to form a new studio called Gunfire Games, and it is considering attempting to make another Darksiders game.

“Forming another independent studio was something that I thought about because of what was going on,” ex-Vigil founder and ex-Crytek USA head David Adams said in an interview with Polygon, in part. “It got to the point where people were starting to leave… When you make a game, one of the most important elements of that is the people you work with. You could get 12 of the best developers in the world and put them into a room and they may not make a good game.”

Adams mentioned the lack of good communication between his studio and Crytek as one motivation for his departure. All current members of Gunfire Games are former Vigil employees.

According to Adams, a new Darksiders game is “one of the options” the new studio is considering, however it doesn’t want to “jump into something immediately,” and wants to weigh its options.

Adams also said that the studio’s long term goal is to create an entirely new game. “We want to build upon what we’ve done on the past,” he said. “Third-person, games with a lot of characters, adventure aspects, player progression, hunt cool bosses, fantastical creatures.”

(via GameInformer)