DivinityOriginalSin_Wall 13 Sep

According to a post by Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke, Divinity: Original Sin has sold over 500,000 copies since its June 30 release. 90 percent of the sales have come through Steam.

“It has sold well over half a million units by now– mostly from Steam, with 10% from retail,” Vincke wrote, in part. “‘Break even’ has been reached, our debts have been paid and we are now in the profitable zone. While not all of the money is for us as we had private investors on board, the game did sufficiently well for us to envision funding our next endeavors with it, meaning we’re pretty happy about its performance.”

“So much for turn-based fantasy RPGs not selling, crowdfunding not working and a developer like us not being capable of bringing a game to market without the help of seasoned publishers 😉 .”

Vincke also wrote that while Divinity: Original Sin found success through Kickstarter, the studio isn’t planning on returning to it for their next game.

“The current thinking is that we shouldn’t go back to Kickstarter,” Vincke continued. “That’s not because we’re ungrateful of the support we received through our Kickstarter community or because all those rewards caused a bit of extra work, but because I think the crowdfunding pool is limited and it should be fished in by those who really need it. Since we now can, I think we should first invest ourselves and then see if we need extra funds to fuel our ambitions. Only then it makes sense to look at crowd funding.”

(via GamesIndustry International)