InkQuest01 24 Sep

The Lionhead Incubation department that was formed about a year ago has shared its first project with the Lionhead community.

“About a year ago, the Lionhead Incubation department was formed out of the desire to do just that – to find new ideas and inspiration that can then be turned into groundbreaking games, large or small. This, however, is not a measure of success: The ideas that don’t get developed further are just as important as those that do,” the company wrote in a blog post, in part.

“What’s the point of creating something but then having it sit on a hard drive somewhere, never to be seen again? We want the community to share in our failures-that-are-not-failures, and so over time we’re going to be sharing some of those ideas with you, hopefully evolving into a regular cycle of interesting things for you to see or play.”

The first post from the Incubation department shares a project from a “Creative Day” in 2013 that never made it into full production. “The prototype we made begins to tell the story of Sophie, a young girl who is transported into a magical book. Finding herself trapped there, she must unravel the mysteries of the book in order to escape.” A short trailer for the game, called Ink Quest, was also made to give the community a taste of the project.

(via GamesIndustry International)