RunescapeScreen_10 12 Sep

CEO of RuneScape developer Jagex, Mark Gerhard, has announced he will be leaving the company in December.

“It would be wrong of me to say I have always got everything right, because frankly I haven’t, but I can promise you everything we’ve ever done was always done with the RuneScape’s best interests in mind,” Gerhard wrote in a letter to the RuneScape community, in part. “I do genuinely believe RuneScape now has the strongest, passionate and most committed team ever, and RuneScape’s future is in very safe hands indeed.”

“In all honesty, with my departure in mind, I have been taking a step back and passed the virtual baton to Mod_Pips [vice president of RuneScape] sometime ago. I have no doubt he will continue to lead RuneScape into a very bright future. I know you will all afford Pips and the team the same passion, dedication, support and feedback (good and bad) I’ve been very blessed with over the years!”

Mark Gerhard joined Jagex in February 2008 as the chief technical officer and he has served as the company’s CEO since January 2009. He did not comment on what he will be doing next in the letter.

(via GamesIndustry International)