TotalWar_Attila_Title 26 Sep

Creative Assembly and Sega have announced Total War: Attila, the latest entry in the strategy series that will cast “players back to 395 AD, a time of apocalyptic turmoil at the very dawn of the Dark Ages.”

“A time of famine, disease and war, where refugees in their thousands flee from a sweeping tide of destruction and death,” the announcement reads, in part. “Desperate barbaric tribes rally against the ailing might of a dying and divided Roman empire; the light of civilization gutters and dims.”

“How far will you go to survive? Will you sweep oppression from the world and carve out a barbarian or Eastern kingdom of your own? Or will you brace against the coming storm as the last remnants of the Roman Empire, in the ultimate survival-strategy challenge?”

Total War: Attila will also see the return of fan requested features such as family trees and skill trees. Creative Assembly has also built on the core aspects of Total War games and introduced new strategic features including advanced street-fighting, civilians, complete settlement destruction and dynamic fire that can spread through a city as armies battle. “We want to push players to the limits of their skill to survive against the odds, and to love every minute of it.”

Total War: Attila is scheduled for release in 2015 for Windows PC and Mac.

(via Polygon)