DragonAgeOrigins_01 09 Oct

Dragon Age Origins is the latest title in EA’s On The House promotion, offering a free copy of the game through Origin.

EA wrote that players starting the game for the first time may encounter an error such as “Servers cannot be found,” however they can be safely ignored and will not affect the campaign.

The free copy of Origins, gives players just over a month to play before the third entry in the fantasy series, Dragon Age: Inquisition arrives on November 18th. Inquisition will have a feature that allows players to import choices made in the first two games, however a save file will not be needed so users can play the game on a different platform than what they played Origins or Dragon Age 2 on.

Dragon Age: Origins will only be On the House until October 14th, but once added to your game library, it will stay there for good.

(via Gamespot)