StarWarsCostumes_Sims4 02 Oct

Maxis has announced that over the next few months, three free content packs will bring extra content to The Sims 4.

The first pack, which is available now, brings ghosts to the game. Dead Sims can now rejoin the land of the living and will maintain all the stats they had as a Sim. The ghosts will be playable characters and Maxis notes that players may even have a chance to bring them back to life.

Also included in this October update is a Star Wars costume set including Darth Vader’s suit, Luke Skywalker’s Pilot outfit and a Yoda costume. Community requested features such as more eye colors have been added too and minor bugs have been fixed.

The November update will bring Pools to The Sims 4, and the December update will introduce new career paths and rewards.

(via GameInformer)