Wildstar_Stalker07 24 Oct

NCSoft has announced that layoffs have been made across its western operations as a result of significant restructuring.

According to Polygon, Wildstar developer Carbine Studios was hit significantly, reportedly losing around 60 employees of its team of a few hundred.

“Today we announced a restructuring of key operations within NC West. As a result of this restructuring, we are implementing staff reductions across our Western operations with the exclusion of ArenaNet,” a statement from NCSoft reads. “While decisions like this are always hard, they are necessary as we begin the implementation of a new strategy designed to strengthen our footing as a leader in global entertainment.”

“Moving forward, we will continue to focus on our core development capabilities and the intellectual properties (WildStar, Aion, Lineage, and Guild Wars franchises) that have made NCSOFT what it is today. However, we are looking to move into new business segments like mobile and tablet games as well as explore emerging technologies.”

“Again, the decision to reduce staff was not an easy one, and we sincerely wish everyone well in their next endeavors.”

(via Polygon)