ElderScrollsOnline_Wall 10 Oct

A Sleepy Giant representative has confirmed to GamesBeat that it has recently had to lay off around 18 employees.

“Some of our projects like Disney Infinity, Elder Scrolls Online, and Robot’s Orcs Must Die 3 are coming to an end with regards to the technology side and as such we have let some people go that were on those teams two weeks ago, which was roughly 18 folks, but we are still employing a good healthy company of around 50 people,” the representative said, in part.

Sleepy Giant created the Fofofum toolset and Giantbacked, which offers game developers with financing, marketing and live game operations operations.

The company has been involved with numerous AAA projects and is currently working on “a new transformative technology”, which it plans to reveal in the coming weeks.

(via GamesIndustry International)