TheGameAwards2014 11 Nov

Producer Geoff Keighley has announced a new video game awards ceremony, The Game Awards 2014, set to debut on December 5th.

The show will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and features an advisory board of gaming industry executives including Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, EA COO Peter Moore, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie-Fils Aime, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden.

“Built to honor every aspect of the world’s most dynamic form of entertainment, The Game Awards 2014 will highlight the cultural significance of the $100B a year gaming industry with awards, world premieres, musical performances, and appearances by game developers, eSports players and online content creators,” the press release reads, in part. “The Game Awards 2014 is a new show created specifically to acknowledge the place of videogames at the center of modern entertainment and culture.”

(via CVG)