Blacklight_Retribution 09 Jan

Zombie Studios, the development team behind Blacklight: Retribution and creator of the Spec Ops series has shut down today after more than 20 years of game development.

Development and ownership of Blacklight: Retribution is being handed to new studio Builder Box Games which is comprised of ex-Zombie employees. It will be lead by former director of production Andy Kipling and former technical director at Zombie Studios Russell Nelson.

“What does this mean for you the fan? While ownership of the game has changed, the people behind the scenes who have been constantly contributing to the Blacklight universe for the last four years remains intact,” Kipling and Nelson, co-CEOs of Builder Box, wrote on the studio’s Facebook page. “Builder Box will be working with Perfect World so that, as a fan, you can look forward to more updates and exciting changes in the coming year.”

“Thank you for all the support that you have given Zombie and Blacklight over the years, and we look forward to your ongoing support as we transition to Builder Box.”

Zombie Studios was founded by Mark Long and Joanna Alexander in 1994. The studio developed over 30 games including Blacklight: Tango Down, the Saw games, several Spec Ops games and expansions as well as Daylight, which was released last year.

(via Polygon)